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Psychology and law are two different disciplines, with different perspectives and different methods. In law there exists an absolute dichotomy between sane and insane – while, contrary to the legal point of view, in mental health there is no such dichotomy. We are pleased to introduce to the Russian reader 13 selected articles and 2 monographs (2003, 2013) of outstanding researcher, prize-holder of Noble Prize for Outstanding Achievement and Contributions to Humanity – by United Cultural Convention and UNESCO (2002), professor of psychology Moshe Zaki. Twenty years of his work shaped the development of forensic psychology and set key trends in this field, both in civil and criminal law.

Психология и право - две разные дисциплины, с различными перспективами и методами. Право устанавливает абсолютную дихотомию нормальности и ненормальности, - тогда как в сфере душевного здоровья, наоборот, о дихотомии нет и речи. Мы рады представить русскому читателю 13 избранных статей и две монографии (2003 года и 2013 года) выдающегося исследователя, лауреата премии за выдающиеся достижения и вклад в развитие человечеств по представлению ЮНЕСКО (2002 год), профессора психологии Моше Заки. Двадцать лет его труда определили развитие судебной психологии и задали ключевые направления в данной области, и в гражданском, и в уголовном судопроизводстве.

Professor Moshe Zaki
Профессор Моше Заки

1977 PhD in Clinical Psychology, The University of Lyon, France
1980 Post-Doctorate Studies, The University of Haifa, Israel
1996: Professor of Psychology, Louisiana Pacific University, Iowa. U.S.A.

Professional Experience:
1970-1995 Senior Mental Health Officer, at the Air Forse of Israel DF
1978-2012 Director of the Psychological Services of the city of Tirat-Carmel, Israel
1980: Expert Testimony to the Courts (Civil and Criminal Law)
2004: Head of the Department of Psychology, Law and Ethics – International Center for Health, Law and Ethics, Faculty of Law, Haifa University, Israel

5 books
75 articles

For outstanding and practical achievement in the Field of Psychology:
1999 by Marquis Who's Who Publications Board, New Jersey, U.S.A.
1999 by International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England
2000 by ABI – Library of Congress, Washington D.C., U.S.A.
2002 Noble Prize for Outstanding Achievement and Contributions to Humanity – by United Cultural Convention and UNESCO
2012 Golden Medal for Lifetime Achievement by ABI, U.S.A.

Hebrew (reading, writing and speaking)
English (reading, writing and speaking)
French (reading, writing and speaking)
Arabic (speaking)
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